Born in 2021, Love Lies Portobello is the independent swimwear brand that mix together eclectic and nostalgic prints with revisited timeless styles. Sonia Righetti, the Italian designer who runs the brand, after years of experience in fashion across Australia and Italy, founded her line with the need to share her creative identity and evoke optimism. Inspired by rétro lingerie and vintage fabrics, Sonia designs her collections with the view of those pieces she dreams to wear but struggles to find. The result is a unique niche brand made of luxe pieces handcrafted only with the highest quality Italian fabrics to compliment femininity and delicacy within every women.



The entire collections are lovingly manufactured in a small and vocational Tailors on the Ligurian Coast, Italy. We pride ourselves on being a slow fashion & ethically made brand: all our production is handcrafted in house to ensure no exploitation of wages for profit or unfair working conditions occur. Every bikini it’s part of a restricted stock of expert manufacture where no industrial processes are involved: this allows us to be more environmentally friendly by reducing overproduction, as well as guaranteeing customers high quality refined products that will stand the test of time.

All these values are part of the slow and conscious fashion which generates higher production costs. Therefore, to offer you competitive prices without compromising our strengths, we reduced our margin. With you and these purposes in mind Love Lies Portobello is the brand we love.